If you like to shop with value and quality in mind, while still being budget-minded, we have the place for you to visit. We offer new and used children's clothing for both boys and girls. GIA offers different sizes and styles from newborn all the way up to 16 years. Shoes, snowsuits, and everything in between can be purchased affordably.

We understand raising tiny humans into capable adults is a time consuming business so we would like to simplify that for you by providing an online service that can be accessed from wherever you happen to be. Because let’s face it, clothing your kids should be the least of your worries.

Our company is created by two great friends - Christine and Dawn. We met when our children were in nursery school together and have had many adventures along the way. Our children Grace, Izzy, and Archie provided the initials for our business name. We have both experienced the accumulation of items that comes from raising kids. Their rapid growth demands new apparel before the old has barely been used.

Living in Erin, Ontario we find limited resources for both the selection and quality of children's clothing. Our mutual love of shopping has inspired us to create this new opportunity to reach into chic with just a few clicks of your mouse, or taps on your mobile device whatever you fancy.

We hope you can give our threads a new and loving home.

Christine and Dawn